logo do programa institucional de internacionalizaçãoA program launched by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), with the following objectives:

  1. Building, implementing, and consolidating strategic plans for the internationalization of the participating institutions in priorities areas of knowledge;
  2. Encouraging the formation of international research networks to improve the quality of academic scientific production in graduate programs;
  3. Expanding actions to support internationalization in graduate programs of the participating institutions;
  4. Promoting the mobility of faculty and graduate students, emphasizing sandwich scholarships, missions, and sabbatical of UFRPE faculty abroad and foreign faculty visiting UFRPE;
  5. Creating an international environment in graduate programs of the participating institutions;
  6. Integrating CAPES PrInt project with other Capes' actions into an internationalization effort.

UFRPE had its CAPES PrInt project approved among other 35 Brazilian Higher Education Institutions out of 101 applicants, with R$ 13 million funds to be invested in two priority themes: 1. Agricultural production systems, biodiversity, and sustainability; 2) Future-bearing technologies. The funds are made available through internal calls for internationalization actions of the 17 Graduate Programs of UFRPE taking part in the CAPES PrInt project.

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